Our Philosophy

We want you to feel welcome when you enter The Cookery.  Our mission is to create delight for every customer and inspire the imagination to serve up a table that is as abundant in love and welcome as it is in flavorful dishes.

We are a values-based business meaning, The Cookery is a brand that I personally stand behind.  Our values are reflected in how we hire, how we treat our customers, how we operate our business, and what products and makers we choose to represent on our shelves. 

Black Lives Matter

We support the BLM movement because black lives have been undervalued in America for 400 years.  I hire people who share this value and seek out BIPOC makers to support through our product portfolio.  We participated in the Bakers Against Racism international fundraiser and supported ColorofChange.org through the purchases of baked goods.  I was delighted to feature the famous black chef Edna Lewis in our menu choices.   We feature our creative collection of BIPOC makers every February when we celebrate Black History Month. 

Kindness in Action

The recent attacks against our AAPI neighbors is heartbreaking. Our welcome is open and wholistic.  We do not tolerate discrimination nor do we support silence.  We take a stand on kindness.

Love is Love

We respect everyone’s right to love whom they choose and be whom they choose. We support LGBTQIA+ rights and reflect our commitment in how we hire and welcome customers to our shop.  We seek out LGBTQIA+ makers to support through our product choices. 

Immigrants Make America

We have long supported CAIR (Capital Area Immigrants Right Coalition) in Washington, D.C. through fundraisers like our Keep Families Together tee-shirt campaign in 2017.  We seek out products and cookbooks that highlight and honor the cultural and culinary diversity that makes America. 

Women have Rights, too

Women’s rights are a personal mission for me as a woman who grew up in the 1960’s. We honor the strength and voice of women and choose products that promote those rights (we love RBG!).  

The Earth Needs our Love

Sustainability in the kitchen is a major of focus of ours that we intend to increase in the coming year.  We feature sustainable kitchen goods on our shelves and seek out products for our back-end operations that are kinder to the earth.

Living our Values

We continuously seek out suppliers for our back-of-the-house operations that reflect our values.  There have been cases where we have dumped a lowest-cost supplier because of political involvement that we believe is counter to our values or because their supplies pollute the earth.  This is an ongoing process of research. 

Our Staff are Valued

Nurturing our team is my first priority.  I value each member of our team knowing that they are the ambassadors of our business.  We pay a fair wage supporting the $15/hour minimum wage increase movement.  Our team culture is built on respect, diversity, transparency, fairness, and honesty.  We agree on shared values and demonstrate those values in how we welcome you to our shop and new members to our team.