Saturday May 8

Local Irish Baker Pop Up

12p - 3p

Bring mom something sweet from local baker Caroline Johnston.  Born in No. Ireland, Caroline realized how much she missed authentic Irish and European pastries, bakery goods, and breads, so she founded GreenIsland Bakery in 2020  Luckily for us, the Johnston family has many closely-guarded family recipes handed down through generations! GreenIsland Bakery uses these recipes, and believe us, they're a secret for a reason!


Sunday May 2

Local Glass Artisan Pop Up

12p - 3p

Come meet local glass artist Allegra Jabo.  Allegra Jabo has lived in Arlington 23 years.  She took a break from full time work in marine sciences at the Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Museum when her first daughter was born in 2004 and never looked back.  Over the last 12 years, she grew her own science enrichment business (The Science Seed) and worked part time from home, allowing her time for parenting, volunteering and to pursue new hobbies, including ceramics.  When the pandemic hit, not only did her business need to shut down until the pandemic passed, but the ceramics studio closed.  By August, she decided she needed a new artistic outlet to keep her busy and while quarantined with a mild case of COVID, she started Stained Glassware by Allegra.   This unique painting technique has been very popular and she has managed to keep busy with custom orders since August.  Allegra is excited to display the range of her work at her first-ever art show at The Cookery.   Pieces include vases, barware, bowls, oil dispensers, and more....


Women's History Month

We welcome March and the annual month-long celebration of women. In 1978, the school district of Sonoma, California, decided to hold a “Women’s History Week” to educate its students on the contributions women have made in our society. Ten years later, this celebration became a nationally recognized month-long occasion dedicated to recognizing the important roles women have played throughout our history, and to empowering the women in our lives today. Women have always been resourceful, courageous trail blazers who deserve recognition - from Sojourner Truth and Claudette Colvin, to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Kamala Harris, women have been a driving force behind making this country what it is today.


 Black History Month

Celebrated every February, this became a national celebration in 1976. It seems more important than ever to claim black history as American history. This month, we are invited to pause and recognize the too-many-to-count black Americans who have helped shape our nation in so many important and wonderful ways.

We are marking the pause by celebrating the month with a focus on makers of color. Some are local to the DMV, others from around the country. We’ve listed just a few below, but there are many more creatives represented on our shelves. Come browse, we know you’ll find our curated collection inspiring.

We have curated a wonderful collection of goods by makers of colore; many are local to the DMV, so our neighbors!

For the month of February, 10% of your purchases will be donated to