Spartan Olive Oil


Spartan Olive Oil


The founder of Spartan Oil, our friend Pericles Konstas, is a first-generation Greek-American who has always had a passion for food and olive oil. After years of rising through the ranks in corporate America, Pericles left his CEO job to pursue his dream of sharing the oil that his family has always had on the table. Produced from his family's olive trees in Sparta, Greece, he grows, produces, packs, ships, and sells the oil directly to maintain control of the process and ensure the quality and integrity of the product.  

Spartan Oil is 80% Koroneiki variety, which contributes a fruity and buttery flavor, 15% Athinolia, which adds a more pungent taste, and 5% "heritage" varieties, which have been present in the area for hundreds of years. This unique blend of olives results in an oil that is flavorful, but balanced, with no overpowering flavors. It is delicate and fruity, making it an oil that enhances light salads and vegetables, can replace butter in baking, adds fruitiness to berries or ice cream, and is the perfect partner for a hearty loaf of crusty bread. 

Perry has designed a beautiful and functional bottle to maximize the freshness and shelf-life of the olive oil. Spartan Oil bottles are all-natural stoneware bottles that share the key characteristics of the storage containers that ancient Spartans used to store their oil. It also makes a beautiful gift. 

Lakonia is one of 5 regional units in the state of Peloponnese. Over 65% of Greece’s olive oil production comes from the Peloponnese. Greece is the third-largest producer of olive oil in the world, behind Spain and Italy. Greeks are very serious about the quality of their olive oil, and despite having one-quarter of the production of Spain and half the production of Italy, Greece is the largest producer of the best quality extra-virgin olive oil. The oil produced in the Lakonia region—and in particular, near Sparta—is widely-regarded as some the best in the world. The oil is low in acidity and very high in nutrients and healthy components, including polyphenols and high-density lipoproteins—or good-for-you fats.


Sparta, Greece

Olive varieties: Koroneiki, Athinolia, and the Koutsourolia

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