Makura Olive Oil

Makura Olive Oil


The trees from which Guy Rilov harvests olives for his extraordinary extra-virgin olive oil are more than a millennium old. Guy is proud to say, “There isn’t another crop in Israel where the same trees are being harvested today as 1,000 years ago.” 

This award-wining olive oil, certified kosher and organic, is extracted from Souri olives, indigenous to the region. The oil is medium intensity with a distinct peppery finish. It is an oil with enough body to pair nicely with meats, grilled charred vegetables, seafood (try octopus!), and a hearty crusty bread.

Rilov runs the bio-dynamic and ecologically sustainable Makura Farm, just south of Haifa in Carmel Heights, Israel, where he cold presses 13,000 gallons of oil from his crop each year — and he welcomes visitors. His farm reflects his love of the land where his ancient trees grow. He is as close to self-sufficient as a viable business can be: an underground spring provides much of the water for the olive trees, and in an experimental area of the farm, he is utilizing a wetlands system that uses plants and reeds to purify dirty water and even sewage. Helpful flies, not pesticides, keep away destructive insects.

And any electricity that is needed is generated by his solar panels.


Carmel Heights, Israel

Makura, Haifa, Israel-- 500ml bottle

Certified organic. Certified Kosher by Rabbinate of Zichron

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