Crunchy Cool Watermelon Peach Granita

Granita is an easy, refreshing summer dessert.  This semi-frozen, dairy free dessert is originally from Sicily.  It is related to sorbet and Italian ice with a more crystalline texture.  It is a quick and easy dessert using very few ingredients, mainly water, sugar, and fruit. 

I love granita in the thick of summer because it is so cool and refreshing.  It melts on your tongue leaving an icy coolness and freshness of whatever fruit or flavor you add.

For this recipe, we chose peach infused balsamic vinegar along with wine for a grown-up touch.  I really like the balance of sweetness with a bit of acidity from the balsamic and the wine.  It is more complex this way. 

If you desire a spirit-free version, just use grape or apple juice in place of the wine.