Cooling Cucumber Soup

We grow cucumbers in our small urban garden and they are prolific! We eat a lot of cucumber relish (I made one recently with some pickled cherries added, delicious!); cucumber salad; smashed cucumber salad; and, of course, pickles.  Jars and jars of pickles.  

My husband likes a classic garlic and dill pickle.  I like something a bit less acidic and tend to make my pickles with mixes like Chinese black vinegar, a touch of soy or ponzu, black peppercorns, and Asian spices.  I'll be munching on those throughout the winter dreaming of next summer's harvest. 

We're running out of pickle jars, so today I am getting creative with other recipes using up those tubular goodies.    First, I made a cold cucumber soup. 

Cucumber soup needs a little thought to avoid either a soup that has no hint of cuke or one that is terribly bland.  After a morning of experimenting, I came up with this recipe and am quite looking forward to a bowl served with a crusty bread lightly brushed with olive oil and toasted.