Santa Fe Smoked Olive Oil


Santa Fe Smoked Olive Oil


High quality extra-virgin olive oil is cold-smoked, preserving the integrity and flavor of the oil while infusing a rich and luscious smokiness.  The Santa Fe has a touch of chili adding even more smokiness and little heat.  

This oil is wonderful drizzled over pizza, eggs, and toast.  It adds a punch of flavor to vegetables and meats.  Try drizzling over soups and dips.  


Olive variety:  blend

Sonoma, CA

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Brenda Chatelain and Al Hartman never set out to create THE SMOKED OLIVE™, it was more a series of discoveries. People often ask them “what possessed you to smoke olive oil?”  Brenda says it was Al. 

Al Hartman was born into a family of gifted artists and Chefs, cooking and art are entwined in his soul.  Cooking is a passion and smoking meats a mastery.  The concept of smoking olive oil was a flash of inspiration, while the realization required many years of struggle and innovation to perfect. Al’s complex process proved to be so incredibly unique, he and Brenda patented it. 

Brenda Chatelain brought the business background and together they have introduced the world to the wonder of smoked olive oil.  They have become the favorite of great chefs like Ming Tsai, Martin Yan and Tyler Florence. Giada de Laurentis calls it her secret weapon.