Liberal PoliTEAcal Tea Sampler

Liberal PoliTEAcal Tea Sampler

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Liberal SuperPAC (PoliTEAcal). Our liberal SuperPAC is a great gift for any occasion for your liberal friends. 

Each Pack contains the following

  • *RBG Tea - Green Tea with Lemon Ginseng (caffeinated)
  • *Barack "Tisane" Obama Tea - Berry Tea (caffeine Free)
  • *ImPeachMint Tea - Rooibos, Tulsi Mint, Peach Tea (caffeine Free)

A fun way to drink tea! The tea quality is very good, so this makes a charming gift.

Product Net Weight: .06 Oz (1.8g).

Quantity: 20 Limited edition collectible foil wrapped tea bags.

* Certified Organic, KSA Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan *