Chardonnay Gummies Gift Box

Chardonnay Gummies Gift Box

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 These wine gummies in chic packaging offers a chew that tastes like a sip. The bite is soft with nice tones mildly acidic and sour-sweet aftertaste.

The wine gummies are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and without artificial colors. They are free of alcohol, gluten, fat, nuts, gelatin and lactose. 

These edible wine gifts are a guaranteed success. Buy one for gifting and keep one for yourself to enjoy. Vinoos, a gift that never disappoints.

About Vinoos

Pop the corks! Finally you can re-create that relaxed wine moment anywhere at any time with an edible wine tasting,alone or with friends. This concept intensifies the perception of wine by pouring it into a new edible form. The wine gums offer an interplay of the senses; experience their sensational scent,their gentle touch, amazing taste, and a finish that lingers in your mouth.

All  flavours are totally vegan, gluten free, nonalcoholic and with top notch packaging.

Unique notes of the Vinoos Collection
You don’t have to be a wine specialist to fall in love with these elegant treats. Vinoos has worked for years to create their perfect aromas and taste. Now you can taste your favourite wine. Discover wine gums, inspired by the bouquet in the wine glass.

Chardonnay  Floral & Fruity
Sauvignon Blanc  Green & Fruity
Champagne  Botanical & Floral
Merlot  Earthy & Fruity
Rosé Wine  Fruity & Longlasting

Packed in unbleached paper and sourced locally. The whole collection is created and produced in The Netherlands only. So you can feel good about making them part of your friendship, dinner, gifts collection or office.