Boards, Platters, & Plates

Boards, Platters, & Plates

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This book starts you with the four principles for creating the right board for any occasion:

  • Looks Matter
  • Stay Flexible
  • Make it Fun to Eat
  • Embrace store-bought components

Choose from a dazzling collection of thirty beautiful, well-crafted boards, whether you're serving a group of two or ten. Try Catalonian Summer with romesco, charred green onions, anchovy toasts, and Manchego for an intimate outdoor gathering. Or go straight to sweets with a dessert like S'mores Without a Campfire. 

Boards are perfect for patio dining and entertaining.  They are great for picnics since they can be easily transported and assembled on the spot. 

Author Maria Zizka is a cookbook writer and recipe developer who was named by Forbes as one of the most influential people under 30 in the world of food and drink. Zizka has coauthored numerous award-winning cookbooks, most recently Tartine All DayEverything I Want to Eat, and This Is Camino. Her first solo cookbook, The Newlywed Table, was published in 2019.

Get your board game going!