Corn Chowder soup

Corn Chowder soup

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Healthy Gourmet Kitchen's soup mixes are made by hand in upstate New York using the finest quality ingredients. You can see and taste the difference. 

Each mix makes at least 8 cups of gourmet soup for a healthy delicious meal. 

No added sugar, MSG or preservatives and minimal or no salt. 

Corn Chowder is ready in under 30 minutes and is great year-round. Chowder, a term for thick and creamy soup, contains potatoes and corn. It is an American soup dating from the 1880s when it first appeared in the Boston Cook Book. 

Shelf life - 12 - 18 months 

About Healthy Gourmet Kitchen

Mary’s love of cooking started at a young age; she made her first apple pie for her family with apples picked from the tree in her yard when she was nine years old. Turning raw apples into a pie was magical and the pleasure her family expressed left a lasting impression.  Her family grew most of their vegetables.  Their milk, eggs and bread were home delivered. Meals were often shared with friends and sometimes strangers who became friends over a meal. She's learned to cook from many people and places including Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and the people from around the world she met while working and living in the middle east.

Mary believes eating and drinking are essential yet far too many of us have been seduced by fast food whose taste is amped with sugar and salt - cheap ingredients keep it's financial cost low but at a high cost to our health.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen was started when Mary couldn't find pantry staples without added sugars, preservatives, salt or other unnecessary ingredients. Mary set out to create healthy soup starters & seasoning mixes for people who are too busy to cook or maybe not yet confident in the kitchen. She drew on her memories of great meals with the guiding principle of healthy meets delicious.