Olio Nuovo
Olio Nuovo
Olio Nuovo
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Olio Nuovo

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This is a very limited offer of a very special oil.  Laconiko Olio Nuovo is oil extracted from the olives picked in the first two weeks of harvest.  The olives are quite green, so the flavor has a very strong peppery finish with extremely low acidity and the highest polyphenol count on record for Laconiko, a whopping 875 mg. (lots of antioxidants).

This Olio Nuovo has been Ranked among the Top Ten in the World for highest healthy oleocanthal content.


After the harvest, some of these early picked olives are left unfiltered.  While there is controversy about the value of unfiltered oils, we love it for the extra thick mouth-feel, high fruitiness, and sweet richness of the flavor.  That high polyphenol count mentioned above makes this limited release oil exceptionally healthy since it is full of those antioxidant polyphenols. 

Fruit particles remain in the oil when it is unfiltered making the oil somewhat cloudy.  These particles add richness and sweetness and also shorten the shelf life of the oil. This is an oil meant to treasured, savored, and used often so you get the best of its flavor.  Once open, use your Olio Nuovo within 3 months. 


You have an option of Olio Nuovo that has been filtered.  You get the same complexity that Laconiko olive oil is known for and the lovely bright fruitiness.  This early harvest, even unfiltered, offers that same high polyphenol count and pronounced bitter finish. 

This is absolutely a finishing oil; it would be a waste to cook with an Olio Nuovo.  Drizzle over almost anything - fish, vegetables (cooked or raw); ice cream (yes! it's delicious); chocolate cake or mousse; a juicy steak or seafood.   Dizzle over a hot dish and notice the beautiful aroma released from the oil. 

How to Decide?

Filtered or Unfiltered, you are getting a prize oil.  Unfiltered oil of this quality is a rare treat, so if you have never had the pleasure, I encourage you to try it.  Just remember, the shelf life is much shorter than filtered oil so you are making a commitment to consume within 3 months. 

We have a special relationship with the Pierrakos and buy their olive oil directly from them -- no importer in the middle. The oil is carefully handled by the family at the port in Greece and the port in the U.S. They hand-bottle for us in their U.S. facility, assuring freshness every step of the way.  

Our olive oils are all extra virgin and from the current harvest, each one is an award-winner. Our infused olive oils come from the Pierrakos family farm in Sparta, Greece where their trees are grown in sandy soil near the sea.  All infusions are natural flavor extracts.

Does olive oil go bad?

The answer is yes.  Extra Virgin oil oil is unadulterated fruit juice, so it will diminish in flavor and nutrients.  However, an old, rancid olive oil will not hurt you, it just does not taste good. 

A good rule of thumb is to use an opened olive oil (regardless of harvest date) within 6 months.  This is because of oxidation.  Air gets in every time you open the bottle.  That empty space in your bottle is actually full of air.  Air deteriorates the oil.  

An unopened bottle of olive oil, kept in a dark cool place, can remain fresh for up to 2 years from harvest date.  

NOTE:  Best Buy Date is not the same as harvest date.  Many times, Best Buy dates are added when an oil is bottled, not when it is harvested.  If the bottle does not have harvest date printed (many don't), ask your purveyor.  If they don't know, you should probably not invest in the oil. 

Laconiko olive oil is recognized as one of the BEST SOCIETIES of the World by the 2020 EVOO world ranking organization.  Out of 1605 international Societies entered in the EVOO world rankings, Laconiko is recognized as the 2nd best society in the world; the BEST Greek society, the BEST flavored olive oil producer in the world.  Laconiko holds over 95 international awards.

375 ml

Sparta, Greece

Olive variety: Koroneiki