• The Emergence of Giants

    Yesterday it was announced that Amazon is buying Whole Foods for over $10 billion. Wow. Whole Foods had a humble, but visionary, beginning in Austin, TX, in 1980. John Mackey, one of the original founders, is still the CEO today and will remain after the buy-out. 

    This is our free market at work. John Mackey is being rescued from a weakening financial picture. Jeff Bezos is getting a great brand on which to build the online grocery shopping market, which he will undoubtedly do…and dominate. They will both be significantly financially rewarded for their innovation, and that is cool.

  • The Incredible Edible Egg

    Hooray, eggs are back in vogue! Have you noticed the appearance of poached eggs, deviled eggs, and hard-cooked eggs on restaurant menus? I’m not...
  • Feed Your Skin

    Is your skin hungry?  Wait, what? That’s right—our skin needs proper nutrition and regular feeding just like the rest of us. At The Cookery, our customers know that I am a professed food vigilante seeking out products made with fresh natural ingredients. I have the same mission for skin care.
  • What will happen when I “Shop Local”?

    When you buy products and services from independent locally-owned and operated businesses, you support the community in many ways